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Yes these are the exact same jackets sold at the track for $200.00 or more!
Yes these are the same jackets sold at Penny's & Wilson's Leather for $149.00 or more!
Yes these are the same jackets sold at the diecast stores for SRP of $159.00!
Since we are an Internet Only store front, we are able to pass on the savings generated by volume and low overhead to our fellow race fans!
All of our jackets are factory new with tags!

I have been an avid RACING fan for 30 some years. In 1994 I started collecting the 1/64 diecast cars. Then in 1997 I switched to the action 1/24 Elite cars.

The credit card company sent a year-end summary statement, and
that was the end of collecting diecast cars
(my wife saw the yearly total).

Not to be denied my RACING collecting passion, I switched to the
Uniform Style Jackets. After buying 30 or so jackets, I looked into
purchasing them at a better price. I was really impressed with the
style and quality of the JH Design style jackets.

Well to make this long story shorter, I found a distributor willing
to give me bulk pricing. At that point, I realized that other fans
would be interested in obtaining these jackets at a very fair price.

www.track-backs.com was started April, 2003.

A friend of mine convinced us that we needed a more memorable site name, so we started www.hotjackets.com on April, 2004

This really is the best of all worlds, I am able to see every single
jacket made. At the same time, I can offer an outstanding value at
a good price. You truly do get more for your money!

Judging by the feedback I received from tens of thousands of satisfied customers,
I am comfortable in knowing we are providing race fans the opportunity
to "Back their favorite drivers" at about 1/2 of the 'track price'.

All of our jackets are factory new with tags.

Drop us a few lines, to let us know how we are doing...

hotjackets.com, LLC
160 Kenyon Hill Trail
Richmond, RI. 02898
1-401-491-9246 (Please leave a message if prompted)