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I am asked on countless occassions on how to start a website or an internet business. One of the very first steps, and indeed most important steps, is to select a company to host your site.

You should be concerned in the reputation and reliability of the webhosting company you select. As a secondary selection criteria, there is cost.

I believe I can help you here in making this critical business decision. Hotjackets.com, LLC has used ACTWD exclusively since bringing the store online.

Our site has been up over 99.999 % of the time. We have on occasion, exceeded the "package" limits. Actwd has never interrupted our service, or sent bills for the occasionally exceeding the package limits.

On the few occassions, that we had a techincal question or wished to enable a new feature, the phone was answered within three rings. The person that answered the phone was able to immediately answer, and most importantly implement the change we requested. We were never told we would be put in a job queue or that we would have to wait for the request to be approved. And we were never charged for the call or the ensuing work.

To add to this incredible service credo, they also offer some of the
best prices you will find anywhere for webhosting.

Stop your search for a webhosting company here and now! I can and do attest that ACTWD has great service, near perfect uptime stats,
all at a fair & honest price!

Check out ACTWD now!

Thomas Bietz
Hotjackets.com, LLC

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